Canine scanning

Q. How long does a scanning session take?
    A. About 10 minutes, once the bitch is settled.

Q. Can I stay with my dog during the procedure?
    A. Yes, the owner or handler is present at all times and is responsible for holding the bitch still.

Q. Does it hurt?
   A. No, your dog will feel as if he/she is having his/her tummy tickled.

Q. Will my dog suffer any ill effects?
    A. No, this form of ultrasound is safely used on millions of women annually.

Q. Do you carry out scans for illness or disease?
    A. No, only a vet can make those types of diagnosis. If, however, I see anything unusual, I will advise you to see your vet.

Q. Do you need to clip or shave hair?
    A. No, no clipping or shaving is required.

Canine massage

Q. How long does a massage session take?
    A. This depends on the condition being treated, generally a full massage takes about one hour.

Q. Will my dog feel any pain during the massage?
    A. No, but as with human massage, any areas of muscle spasm can be locally tender, but the massage techniques used are to gently release this kind of tension.

Q. How many massage appointments will be required?
    A. Again this depends on the condition being treated, many muscular problems can be resolved with one treatment, while post-operative rehabilitation can take several sessions.

Q. Can a puppy be treated?
    A. Yes, the techniques are adaptable to all ages of dog.