Massage - what it does

Massage is more than simply dealing with a specific area of pain or discomfort and can help:

  • reduce swelling and stiffness
  • assist pain reduction and management rehabilitation after an injury or surgery
  • encourage the removal of toxins and waste from the blood and lymphatic system
  • improve circulation which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues
  • assist a dog in raising it's level of performance whether a working or show dog
  • provide an important stimulant for dogs that are no longer able to exercise actively

What does it involve?

  • trigger point therapy
  • muscle energising techniques
  • facia release
  • neuro muscular techniques
  • rebalancing

The Consultation - what happens

You must first ask your vet for permission for massage therapy (download). During the first consultation which lasts about one hour, I will take a detailed history of your dog's health status, behaviour, habits, exercise and diet. A postural and gait analysis with body palpation will follow to assess areas of tension and discomfort, tissue scars or old injuries.


Advice will be given on how you can use techniques to assist in the healing process, rehabilitation and fitness training. For working, obedience and agility dogs, I can provide pre and post event sessions to enhance performance, prevent injury and increase long term fitness. To make an appointment please click here